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Introducing our Facility


〜開放感ある吹き抜け〜〜開放感ある吹き抜け〜〜開放感ある吹き抜け〜Dining room

The elegant appearance of our dining room only adds to its warm and welcoming atmosphere. This room will please everyone from architects to business professionals.

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You may wonder why our first floor dining room and lounge area are so large. In fact, this area was designed as a multi-use space for hosting weddings, club meetings, and business seminars, etc. During the summer season, many couples begin their married life here. If you would like to see a floor plan, or some budget estimates, don't hesitate to give us a call.



〜暖炉では岩魚も〜Freestanding fireplace

By building our fireplace right in the middle of the main living area, we have created a space perfect for enjoying cocktails and conversation. We can even arrange to grill fish on the fireplace upon request.

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Our bartender has 10 years experience in serving up perfectly mixed drinks. Naturally the ambiance is perfect for relaxing after a long day.



〜広めのお風呂で手足を伸ばして〜〜広めのお風呂で手足を伸ばして〜Sauna and hot baths

Feeling a little tired after a day on the courts or slopes? You can refresh yourself in our sauna and relax in the bath, all with a view on some of Appi's beautiful nature. We have added `binchoutan`, a special kind of charcoal, to the man-made bath to make the water beautifully soft. You will feel completely warm and relaxed! (Body soap and shampoo are provided.)
By the way, you may be shocked to discover that men and women share the same sauna. Not to worry, we lock one of the doors, and men and women use the sauna at separate times. Ladies first!

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〜ロフト付ROOM〜〜ロフト付ROOM〜〜ロフト付ROOM〜The rooms

Most of our rooms are twins. We also offer triples, four-bed rooms, and a 10-bed skiers' room, for a total of 44 beds. The triple and four-bed rooms have connecting doors. Of course, every room has telephone and television.




Have you ever caught a cold, or started to feel under the weather, while traveling? At Rocky Inn, we have tried to keep you feeling your best by installing humidifiers in every room.

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Forgot anything? We can help: besides hand towels (¥0), and bath towels (¥0), we can provide hair mousse, sunscreen, and chapstick at cost. Other items, including shampoo, soap, toothbrushes, make-up remover, moisturizer, Q-tips and cotton balls, nail polish remover, nail files, etc, are any 2 for ¥0. We don't provide yukatas, so please be sure to bring your own pajamas.



Free parking & Shuttle service

We have parking for 20 vehicles (free, of course). You can leave your car with us and take one of our shuttle busses to the ski area in the morning. We'll come and pick you up at the end of the day.

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Check in 15:00   Dinner 18:00
Chech out 10:00   Breakfast 8:00

Iwate Pref. Hachimantai-city APPI resort pension village
Tel +81-195-73-5069 Fax +81-195-73-5965