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Reasonable Prices



   The Appi Plateau is centrally located for visiting the whole northern Tohoku region.

Twin Room* Adult(over 13 years) Child(7-12 years) Child(3-6 years)
[ A ] period
¥8,800 ¥6,800 ¥4,400
[ B ] period ¥10,800 ¥8,800 ¥5,400
[ C ] period ¥9,800 ¥7,800 ¥4,900
[ E ] period ¥11,800 ¥9,800 ¥5,900
[ F ] period ¥12,800 ¥10,800 ¥6,400

Please note:

  • No extra charge for heating.
  • One night with two meals,all prices including tax.
  • Equal to or more than 7 people share one room-¥500 discount per person.
  • If you do not wish to have dinner at Rocky's, -¥2,500 off the above prices.
  • Please ask about discounts for large groups and for booking our entire facility.

Special rates for children (age 12 and under)

Age Meals beds Price
Under 13 years
Usually charge(Above reference )
7-12 years Usually Yes Child charge(Above reference )
3-6 years Children's Meals Yes Child charge(Above reference )
Under 2 years Children's Meals No ¥2,900
Under 2 years No No ¥2,100

Please note:
  • The children's meal includes fish, meat, soup, rice or bread, and dessert.
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Make a Reservation

You will receive a response from the reservation desk about sending payment. Your reservation will be confirmed once payment has been received.
If children will accompany you, please be sure to enter their ages on the form.