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Why does it taste so good?



At Rocky Inn, we have high standards for the food we serve. If we don't think a dish measures up, we don't serve it. As a result, our mainly French and Italian style cuisine will impress you. And we are very proud of the quality of the cakes we serve for dessert!
In winter, we serve mainly western cuisine. However, if you stay with us at any time from spring until fall, we can arrange outdoor barbecues and Japanese cuisine for you at your request.

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コース料理Plentiful meals

At dinner, we will give you a large dish of white rice, covered to keep it warm and tasty, and you can refill your bowl as many times as you like.
Otherwise, the evening meal includes: green salad, soup, bread and rice, a seafood dish, a meat dish, dessert and coffee.
The menu is fixed for every meal. But don't worry: we don't serve the same items every day, so even if you stay for more than one night, you will have different meals every evening.





The secret is simple: our bartender uses only the best when mixing your drinks. No cheap substitutes here! Naturally, the lemons and limes are fresh, and the prices are reasonable. (Basic mixed drinks like gin and tonic, from ¥500.)
By the way, if you don't know too much about alcohol, you can request a drink in any color you like. No need to name any kind of liquor, the bartender will be glad to provide you with a drink of appropriate strength and color!

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Home-roasted coffee~食品偽装はしておりません♪

Both at breakfast and after dinner, we are proud to offer our guests coffee made from beans we have roasted ourselves. We think it is an excellent accompaniment to the wonderful handmade cakes we serve for dessert. And of course, you can have as many refills as you like.





The key to delicious draft beer is to keep the equipment perfectly clean. At Rocky Inn, we keep the beer at its best by cleaning the tap every day.

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Japanese sake

The local brands of sake that we like to offer our guests include Washi-no-o and Azu-ma-mine, high quality sake made from the heart of the rice grain. In addition, we have Roku-jiu, an original-label sake made especially for us by a local brewer.




We have made a careful selection of a variety of fine wines to create a balanced wine cellar. Our wine master is very fussy when it comes to choosing the right wine.

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